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Research is a wonderful thing, because you have the opportunity to learn and expand your skill set all life long.

Cells and molecules

I have lots of experience in DNA and RNA extraction, qPCR, PCR, telomere length measurement, gel electrophoresis and single nuclei RNA barcoding using the 10X Genomics technology. I also have some experience with FISH, culturing cells, ELISA, western blots, comet assay and spatial transcriptomics.

Histology and Microscopy

I am experienced in histological stainings (H&E, Luxol-Fast-Blue, Oil-Red-O), immunohistochemistry and immunofluorescence. I use sldescanners, fluorescence microscopes and confocal microscopes for imaging. 


During my PhD I developed advanced statistical analysis skills. I am confident in using generalised linear models, mixed models, animal models and random regression models. I also have some experience with Genome wide association studies (GWAS). 


I mostly use R for reshaping and analysing data, but also have some experience with bash and Python. Currently, I am analysing a large single nuclei RNAseq dataset. 

Check out my contact side and don't hesitate to test my soft skills.